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Save, Support & Spread

A charity organization providing aid to the vulnerabale and elderly homeless by rescuing them providing them basic amenities to lead a better life

Good Samaritans India is working towards giving such people the required help by providing them with food, shelter and health-care.


Destitution is a state of poverty so severe that one lacks the means to provide for oneself. Without any help, care or love the person goes into a deplorable condition and are often found helpless, sick or dying on the road.

Sponsoring Education for Youth & Adults

No matter whatever changes comes in our lives, nothing can ever replace books. There are only ones that can develop our reading, writing and speaking skills.

We are privileged enough to get quality education in the cities while the same is not something accessible to all despite education being a legal right in India.

We understand the importance of education and strive for the same standards of education as we receive, to the youth and children of our society

Financial Support for the poor

“Adopt an Elder”, it is an initiative that allows each one of you to part-take in social service and help at least a single person. It is estimated that India has the highest number of destitute in Asia.

Each of us can form a group in your school, college or workplace and adopt one elder or destitute from our home and bear his/her monthly expenses.

Participants of this campaign are requested to donate every month to support the elderly they have adopted.

About Us

Our Mission& Vision

  • To save lives, enable social protection and bestow dignified living.

  • To collectively contribute to the holistic development of the marginalized sections of the society

Medical Aid

Destitute are bought to our shelter-homes in very deplorable conditions and require care with medicines and healthy food.

Hunger Aid

The number of destitute at our shelter-homes is 120+. Feeding such a number is a challenge but we are able to manage it with the help of kind donors.


We are privileged enough to get quality education in the cities while the same is not something accessible to all despite education being a legal right in India.

Our Causes

What We Do

Selfless service by rescuing destitute and volunteers without any aid from the government.









Support Us

We’ve served and saved more than 4,500+ homeless people

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Adopt an Elder, Donate a Meal, Educate a Child, Gift a Book, Sponsor for the funeral

Make a Donation

You can give monthly donation, anniversary gifts in memory of your loved ones.


You can become a volunteer and give us your time to execute the projects by our organization


Contribute to a campaign

You can contribute to any of the campaign. You can share the campaign on social media and help us to reach the goal.

Learn how to get involved

If you’re interested or inclined to serve the needy of our society.
Kindly, fill the form we will get back to you

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