who we are

About Us

Established by Mr. George Rakesh Babu in 2008 in Hyderabad, Good Samaritan was initiated as a free clinic to treat sick patients belonging to marginalized sections of society. Steadily as the number of patients increased, it turned into a ‘welfare center’ that gradually shaped as a complete ‘destitute home’. In March 2011, to expand the operations with meticulous accountability, a Trust was registered, with two more co-founders, Ms. Sunita George, and Ms. Yesukala.

Medically trained, the Good Samaritans are a very small group of service-oriented people committed to giving our best back to society. We provide primary free medical care complemented by a free pharmacy shop and rescue the old, sick or dying destitute from the roadside. Some of the cured people go back and join their families, while a few of them stay with us and assist in managing the home.

The people staying with us are trained to dress the wounds and change the diapers of the older adults, while some take responsibility for preparing food for the people in the home. We are an absolute non-profit making entity, with the sole objective to rescue people, treat them, and provide a shelter to stay in. Presently, we manage three shelter homes in Hyderabad, Aler (en-route Warangal), Warangal, Chevella (en-route Viakarabad) and Dundigal (en-route Narsapur). We provide shelter to 150+ residents.

Our mission

To save lives, enable social protection and bestow dignified living.

Our vision

To collectively contribute to the holistic development of the marginalized sections of the society.

Why Are We Different?

Our primary causes

In 360 degrees, our team rescues a destitute when notified. Depending on the health condition, the destitute are moved physically from the streets, either to the home or to a government hospital. After improving health, the destitute will be allowed to go back from the hospital. However, if the destitute desire a transformation, depending on the gender, a clean shave, haircut, and a bath would be given. Thereafter dress will be provided and sheltered to live in a better environment, and a minimal healthy lifestyle. Depending on the medical condition, the destitute are sheltered in one of the shelter homes.

Each of the shelter homes is designated for a cause. The shelter home at Aler is meant for destitute women. Our desired objective is Rehabilitation to boost confidence in the destitute, that they are worthy in the society.

Selfless service by rescuing destitute and volunteers without any aid from the government.

14 years of service in rescuing the old, sick, and destitute lying on the roadside.

Managing 5 shelter homes with the facilitation of kind-hearted persons.

The committed and selfless medical team renders medical aid and supports pharmacy.

Ability to create “we too to society” synergy amongst supporting partners to the cause, leading to admirable outcomes and an impact.