This is our way of connecting you with our rescued destitute in each shelter-home. Choose to sponsor one of our Shelter-Homes !


Sponsor Shelter-Home at Alwal:

Home for the sick and dying destitute:

Electricity Bill: 1200
Rent:₹ 8000
Water Bill:₹ 1000

Total:₹ 10,200

Sponsor Warangal Shelter-Home:

Rehabilitation center.
Electricity Bill: ₹1000
Rent: ₹5000
Water Bill: ₹1000 

Total: ₹7000

Sponsor Shelter-Home for widows at Aler:

Widow care center: 
Electricity Bill: ₹500
Rent: ₹5500
Water Bill: ₹1200

​Total: ₹7200

Warangal Shelter-Home

Good Samaritans India

Aler Shelter-Home