Ex-Shelter-home at Hyderabad- Alwal

Shelter-home for women at Aler- "Pannah"

Good Samaritans India rescues the abandoned sick and dying destitute and gives them medical attention and shelter at one of its 4 shelter homes at Hyderabad, Warangal, Aler and Chevella. The shelter-home at Aler, "Pannah" is exclusively for destitute women. The most sick and the dying destitute are given shelter at the Dundigal shelter-home while the more healthier ones are given resources at the Warangal-Shelter. The shelter home at Chevella is for destitute with Mental illness. Currently the number of residents staying at our shelter-homes is 120+. GSI also had a shelter home at Alwal, Hyderabad previously which has since been shifted.

Our Shelter-Homes
Good Samaritans India

Utkarsh- Shelter-home at Chevella

Shelter-home at Warangal