Good Samaritans India

George Rakesh Babu used to volunteer with Zion Children Home, an NGO which looked after 40 orphaned kids.  When the founder, Ganesh Prabhu, of Zion Children Home, fell ill Rakesh took him to the hospital, where Ganesh was diagnosed with multiple health issues. The total bill of the hospital was  Rs 1.65 lakh. Rakesh was able to collect Rs 65,000 with the help of his friends and relatives, but he was short of Rs 1,00,000. An old man observing Rakesh for three days offered help with the rest of the money. For 23 days, Rakesh looked after the kids for food and other needs. When Ganesh’s health started deteriorating further, Rakesh enrolled almost all the kids in different NGOs.

One day, Ganesh and the two kids who stayed back to take care of him were asked to leave the house they were living in due to non-payment of rent. The kids took Ganesh to their relatives home far in the city. After trying to reach Ganesh for many days, Rakesh found out that Ganesh died. By the time Rakesh reached the place, there were 20  of Ganesh’s students waiting to perform the last rites. But the locals objected to it, and so Ganesh had to be buried in another village. 

Good Samaritans India: 
Rakesh was disturbed by this incident. He was dejected and felt guilty that he could not provide better facilities for Ganesh. He took a vow never to leave anyone who was is a destitute, and started Good Samaritans India in 2008 and registered it in 2011, to serve people who have been abandoned or dying or are old with nobody to look after them.