Founder: George Rakesh Babu


Phone: +918019281281

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The number of destitute at our shelter-homes is 120+. Feeding such a number is a challenge but we are able to manage it with the help of kind donors and supporters. To help us feed our residents do give generously. 

Donations made to Good Samaritans Trust are eligible for exemption from income tax  u/s 80G  of IT Act, 1961 vide

This is the final stage/step where the destitute to is rehabilitated through medical and mental treatments to overcome and be his original self. He is given love and care to make him feel worthy. Psychiatric care is required in case of a mentally ill person. There are also people who go through trauma, shocks and various other psychiatric problems which can only be treated by an experienced and trained person.

Here, the destitute is completely transformed from what he was on the streets to a proper, clean person/human. He is given a clean shave, haircut and bath to give him a better environment and a healthy lifestyle.

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You can support us in various ways:


Our work requires the previous time of volunteers willing to take the extra step towards helping the needy.

The destitute is then to be taken to the hospital, if he is suffering from any kind of illness, addiction or disability he should be first taken to the hospital for a proper diagnosis, general blood test etc. His/her basic first aid should be done if necessary. 

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Destitute are bought to our shelter-homes in very deplorable conditions and require care with medicines and healthy food. Sponsor for their medical need!

The approximate cost of medicines and equipment to take care of bed-ridden for a month  ill destitute is ₹1200


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Destitution is a state of poverty so severe that one lacks the means to provide for oneself. Without any help, care or love the person goes into a deplorable condition and are often found helpless, sick or dying on the road. Good Samaritans India is working towards giving such people the required help by providing them with food, shelter and health-care. 


Our Campaigns

Adopt an elder !

"Adopt an Elder" is an initiative that allows each one of you to part-take in social service and help at least a single person.




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Good Samaritans India is a NGO started by Mr. George Rakesh Babu in 2011. The basic work that the NGO does is help destitute from the road, give them medical attention if needed and shelter them.

This is our way of connecting you with our rescued destitute in each shelter-home. Choose to sponsor one of our Shelter-Homes !

When notified about a destitute, the rescue team either moves destitute to the shelter home or will take them to the hospital if required. This is the first step, in which the destitute from the streets is actually picked up.

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